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Sharon Hundley


Reporting happenings in Gales Creek or involving someone affiliated with our town is one of my greatest pleasures. And although it is no pleasure to write a memorial for a friend, it is indeed my honor to try to pen my impressions and thoughts of the lovely woman we know as Sharon Boge. Her memorial, held Sat. Jan. 19 at First United Methodist Church in Portland, was attended by well over 300 guests. If numbers mean anything, I believe that attests to the impact Sharon made on her world.  

During the “share your memories” time, it was clear that the underlying theme of her life was,

“She showed up”. Nearly without exceptions, those who shared had the same testimony of Sharon’s life….she was there to help, serve, join, sponsor, comfort, address, or rally for her friends, family, church and community. Sharon was the epitome of the type of citizen I am always championing for; one who cares enough to be involved. She was an inspiration and a silent “mentor” to me and her smiling face and hard work will be sorely missed. She was of a vanishing breed, but I am so happy to have known her.

I know I am not alone, when I extend best wishes, sympathy, and love to her family.


You may have noticed there was no column for “Gatherings” in last months paper. Even at best (the things I ‘think’ I have under my belt) I’m a poor technology user. And last month my computer WON! I wrote my articles and passed them on to the editor. What he received indicated file received, but it was blank. I brought my computer to him, but alas, my articles are in cyberspace. I hear from the internet, that when we get to heaven all our socks, keys and other things which have a way of disappearing, will be there before us. So, perhaps, will be everyone’s deleted posts. Hmmm….I wonder if that’s a good thing. I mention this as I don’t like people to go unappreciated for their contributions to the betterment of our community. So, I just wanted to give a shout out to those whose articles were so viciously attacked by my computer. Joyce Sauber and Kate Grandusky once again hosted a marvelous Wassail Party. Our CPO Chair, Chas Hundley, has resigned and was replaced by Verboort resident, Gary Post. The Gales Creek Garden Club hosted their annual potluck/gift exchange and would love to see new members.


If you are looking for a story about horses, you will be surprised. But you will not be disappointed by this charming book about Saddle Mountain. Written by local author Bonnie Shumaker, and also illustrated locally by Elecia Beebe, this story will recall fond memories to those who are familiar with our Coast Range.  

Written in first person present tense, which is my least personal favorite narrative style, it did not take long to win me over. The grandson in the story will soon have you feeling as if you are on that mountain; seeing through his eyes and experiencing the climb vicariously. I could almost feel the tiredness in my legs, feel the chilly breeze, and see the gulls soaring beneath me. The author evokes these sensations, seemingly effortlessly, without flowery language or pretentiousness.

Shumaker brought the conflict introduced in the first paragraph to a perfect resolution, without moralizing or beleaguering; and manages to insert practical examples of conservation and responsible forest use without sounding preachy. Her use of ‘silver dollar’ words, rather the nickel vocabulary was very refreshing, and made this children’s book of interest to all ages. Although, as a read-to-me story for younger children, it would take more than one sitting, it is a story that would keep anyone captivated.

For those not in the know, Saddle Mountain is the highest peak in Northwest Oregon and if you’ve never hiked it, this story will put it on your bucket list. Our own Gales Creek Library has a copy of ‘High on the Saddle’.

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