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Column | The Diaries of Esther Lilly Hundley: March 1930

Esther Lilly Hundley

Sat Mar 1 – Clear & a frost. We did our usual Sat. work. Afternoon Charley, Dick, 7 Gladie & I all went to F.G. There was a sale at Smith’s Barn. We got home at 4:30. Billie & Elsie came after supper.

Sun Mar 2 – Sun & Cloudy. We stayed home all day. Billie hauled manure over to his garden. They stayed down till after lunch. Gladie went to a show.

Mon Mar 3 – Clear & sunshine. I made a burnt leather cake. The embroidered some. Gladie started her bed spread blocks today. I put out sweet pea seed. Gladie put out some blanket flower seed in front of the porch. Ted & Troy came down, fixed fence.

Tue Mar 4 – A beautiful day. I hemmed Gladie’s table spread & napkins, she embroidered on spread blocks. Afternoon we fooled around outside. I put in flower seed inside in boxes. Charley plowed the little garden. Dick worked strawberry plants. Gladie went to a show after supper. I embroidered.

Wed Mar 5 – Cloudy & sunshine & windy. I put out a wash real early. Gladie churned. I scrubbed the kitchen. Charley went up to harrow some for the guy up on Topp place. Dick worked strawberries. I embroidered 2 blocks. Gladie slept. She embroidered 2 blocks, set a hen on 12 duck eggs.

Thur Mar 6 – Cloudy. We did up our usual morning work. Charley, Gladie & I went to a sale. Mr. Heneley’s sale down by Dilley. Dick went back to North Plains as we started. We stayed at the sale till 3 o’clock, then came to F.G. & did some shopping & on home at 4:30. Billie & Elsie came after supper stayed till nearly 9.

Fri Mar 7 – Cloudy & showery. I made some apple pies. Billie & Elsie came down about 8:30, he plowed his garden spot. Afternoon, Billie 7 his dad put out some potatoes over by Matt’s barn. Ted & Thelma came about 4:30, they all stayed for supper & till about 8:30.

Sat Mar 8 – Cloudy & some rain. We did our usual Sat. work. I made a burnt leather cake. Afternoon Gladie & I went to town, did some trading. Got home at 4:15.

Sun Mar 9 – Cloudy & sunshine & showers. We did up our morning work as usual, then marcelled our hair. Billie & Elsie came about 11. After dinner Billie & Elsie & I went down to Grandma’s. We went over Hillside & on that way. Got there at 2 o’clock. Norma came about 2:30 After we had supper, Ted & Thelma came for awhile. They had been to see Clara Hess. We went to the show ‘Married in Hollywood”, got home at 10 o’clock. Gladie went some place in afternoon, took her lunch. William Taft died.

Mon Mar 10 – Clear & a frost. Did up morning work as per usual. Gladie put out a little strawberrie patch up in pasture. I cleaned out the wood house in forenoon. After I transplanted some pansy plants in flower garden.

Tue Mar 11 – Clear & nice. I put out a wash, got throu at 8, then put baby pansys in porch box. Gladie put out her little garden. Afternoon she & I put out our early garden, then she slept some. I embroidered on bed spread block. After supper, Ted & Thelma came stayed till 9:15.

Wed Mar 12 – Some cloudy & sunshine. Charley went to F.G. for seed grain. I fixed over Gladie a print dress. Then embroidered some. Gladie put out some Nasturtium seed in porch box by well. I put out some more garden right after noon. Then I embroidered a quilt block. Gladie slept some. Dick came about 4. Billie & Elsie came after supper, got some fine manure  for their flowers.

Thur Mar 13 – Some cloudy. We did our usual house work. Gladie started to make a sled for Hallie. I spaided some in garden, afternoon. Dick worked berrys. Charley sowed grain.

Fri Mar 14 – Clear & windy. We ironed and did our usual work. Billie & Elsie came down about 10 to plant garden. Stayed till after supper. Ted & Troy came to spaid their garden spot. Dick worked strawberries. Gladie & I and also Hilda went to Campfire Girls play at Gales City. Got home at 9:45.

Sat Mar 15 – Clear & windy. We did our usual Sat. work. Charley went to town in afternoon got gas light fixed.

Sun Mar 16 – A beautiful day. I made cream pies, just Charley, Dick, Gladie & I here for dinner. Ted & Thelma, Troy & Vera & Freddie came down to plow their garden, they all had dinner here. Came by here when they got through. Gladie & I took Ford & went up creek & got some rocks. Billie & Elsie went to Portland today. Gladie went to a show at Hillsboro.

Mon Mar 17 – Clear & beautiful. Gladie & I went to F.G. at 8:30. Got back 9:40. Got seed oats, then Gladie took Hallie & the sled and hauled up some fire place wood. I fixed around flowers in front yard. Dick howed berries. Charley sowed grain. Evelyn came up after supper awhile.

Tue Mar 18 – Clear. I made some pies real early. Then cleared around back of wood shed. Dick finished the berry patch. Then Charley cultivated it. Afternoon, Gladie & I went up the creek to get some rocks. She built them around the fir tree to put flowers in. Then Dick Gladie & I pumped the well out.

Wed Mar 19 – Some cloudy. I put out a wash then embroidered some. Gladie put out flowers under the fir tree. Afternoon, we fixed the old pump. We embroidered after supper.

Thur Mar 20 – A change in the weather, it is raining some. We did our usual work, also embroidered our quilt blocks. Charley went to G.C. Gladie went to a show after supper. Chas, Dick & I listened to Amos & Andy.

Fri Mar 21 – Rainy all day. The first day of Spring. We ironed, churned, cleaned up stairs in morning. Dick went to North Plains, afternoon at 1:30. After supper, Gladie & I went up to Camp to see the Kids, got back at 8:45. First time we had went up alone after night.

Sat Mar 22 – Still rainy. We did our usual Sat. work. Went to F.G. in afternoon.

Sun Mar 23 – Still rainy. I made a nut cake. Just we 3 here. Here alone all day.Gladie went some place in p.m. I don’t know where. I was alone & as blue & lonesome as could be. Stayed up till after nine.

Mon Mar 24 – Still rainy. I washed my hair real early.

(The following is written by Gladie because Esther is very sick)

I went flower picking this a.m. Got lilies and may flowers. Ma set hen on goose eggs. We both slept some this p.m. Ma is taking the flu.

Tue Mar 25 – Cloudy. Did up house work. Set out some flower seed in boxes. Ma is sick. We both slept in p.m. Ted, Thelma, Bill, Elsie and Gloria came down in evening. They got Gloria at Elsie’s sister’s at Junction City on Sunday.

Wed Mar 26 – Clear and warm. Done up housework as usual. Dad and I went to town in p.m. Got radio battery. When we got back Dorothy, Thelma & Vera were here.

Thur Mar 27 – Clear and warm. Washed this a.m. got through at 8. Scrubbed Ma & I listened to Shell Happy Time over radio. We slept in p.m. Then I set out some Aster seed. Roy came at 6:15.

Fri Mar 28 – Clear and warm. Done housework. Grandpa Herrick came for awhile in p.m. Ma & I slept some. Bill & Elsie and Gloria came at about 7. Thelma has been sick with flu since Wed. eve. Listened to Amos ‘N Andy.

Sat Mar 29 – Clear. Cleaned up house, scrubbed. Took Hallie up to pasture, fished a bit. Ma isn’t much better. Dad went to F.G. this p.m. Grandpa H. came over for awhile. Mom & I slept some. Listened to Amos ‘N Andy as usual.

Sun Mar 30 – Cloudy in morning. Afternoon was beautiful. Did up all the housework. Ted & Troy came by to put out their garden, fixed the pump when they got back. Thelma and Ma are still fluing. Bill & Rife were down by in Ranes & Rogers truck for a minute. Bill, Elsie & Gloria came down about 3:30, stayed till evening. Roy & I went to a show at Hillsboro “Hot For Paris”.

Mon Mar 31 – Clear & beautiful. Did up housework. Made muffins and fixed flowers in swinging box. Ma & I slept some in afternoon. Listened to Amos ‘n Andy after supper, also Cecil & Walley. Ducks hatched today, nine of them.

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