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Column | The Diaries of Esther Lilly Hundley: June 1930

Esther Lilly Hundley

Cast of characters

Esther Lilly Hundley & Charles Hundley (written as Charley/Chas), the author of the diaries and her husband.

Bill (written as Billie) and Elsie, Esther and Charles’ firstborn and his wife. 

Ted and Thelma, Esther and Charles’ second-born and as of April 13, 1929, Ted’s wife. 

Gladys and Roy Bills (written as Mr. B. or Mr. Bills), Esther and Charles’ third-born and her boyfriend. 

Sun June 1 – A nice day. We did up our morning work. Gladie fixed two big pillows of moss & flowers for Grandpa’s grave. We went down to Grandma’s and by cemetery to put them on Grandpa’s grave got here at 11:45. I finished up dinner. Gladie went to Portland about 2:30. Charley came home at 4. I stayed for a show, Winnie Lightner in “Hold Everything”. A dandy show. Got home at 10:30. 

Mon June 2 – A nice day, got up early. Gladie & I went to pick berries, picked all day till 5 o’clock. She got 11 crate, I got 12. We got awfully tired. Oliver was here for supper. 

Tue June 3 – Rainy. I made a sponge cake. Gladie painted 2 pillow tops. A parrot and swan on black oil cloth. We slept some afternoon. I got up & picked some berries. We went to church, Ben, Fannie & Oliver went with us. 

Wed June 4 – A nice day. I washed. Gladie fixed her pillows. Charley went to work on road for John McClearan. Gladie went over to Hillsboro in p.m. I slept a little, then picked some berries. Ted & Thelma stayed at Troy’s all nite. 

Thur June 5 – A nice day. Did our usual work. Gladie went fishing. Charley worked on road. Ted found swarm of bees along Gales Creek. He & his dad put them in a hive at noon. Dick came about 5 o’clock. Ted & Thelma here for supper and all nite. 

Fri June 6 – A nice day. Did our usual work. I made some cookies & ironed. Ted & Thelma went up to Camp. After supper Charley worked on road. 

Sat June 7 – Did our work early and went to pick berries. Picked till 3 o’clock. Gladie got 11, I got 12 crate. Dick stayed home all day. Chas worked road. Oliver came for supper. Matt came as we were throu eating, he and Charley went to church & Oliver. A bunch went forward, Billie & Elsie & Oliver among them. 

Sun June 8 – A nice day. I made a hot milk sponge cake & killed 2 chickens. Gladie went to North Plains in p.m. to a funeral, Mr. Mays. We stayed home all day. Went to church Dick stayed home. 

Mon June 9 – A hot day. We picked berries. Gladie 13 ½ crate, I got 14. Dick went home early this a.m. We got home at 4. Put out tomato plants. After supper Oliver came. Charley worked on road. 

Tue June 10 – A nice day. We went to pick peas. Picked all day till 4:30. Gladie got 143 pounds, I got 183. She made $2.15, I made $2.75. Charley worked on road. He put out some garden after supper. Gladie & I were so tired, we went to bed at 8 o’clock.

Wed June 11 – Cloudy & sunshine. We went to pick berries & peas. Gladie picked 34 lbs I picked 42 lbs. by 9:15. Then started on berries, we both got 10 crate at 4:14. Charley worked on road. Oliver came up, he got the cows up. Billie & Elsie came down. We all went to church, a new minister preached, had been over in South Africa as a missionary. 

Thur June 12 – We went to pick berries. Gladie got 9 crate, I got 10. Got home at 4 o’clock. Charley worked on road. Billie & Elsie came down after supper, he worked his garden. Charley & Oliver went to church. Gladie went for a ride down to Maggie’s. 

Fri June 13 – A nice day. We picked berries till 11:15, got home at 12. We both got 6 crate a piece. Charley did not work on road today. We slept in p.m. Went to church, a lady missionary preached, a big crowd went forward. Billie got the Holy Ghost. Was eleven o’clock and after when we went home. 

Sat June 14 – Clear & hot. I put out a wash & we did our other Sat. work. Billie came down to work his garden, he ate dinner here at home. Afternoon, Gladie & I went to Forest Grove to shop. Took a Lilly Reunion pieces from West Virginia to have published in Newstimes. We got home at 4 o’clock. Went to church after supper. I cut Billie’s hair, also Charley’s and shaved Oliver’s neck. 

Sun June 15 – Clear & hot. I made a sponge cake. Charley, Gladie & I went on a picnic up Gales Creek, stayed till 3:30. Gladie went to a show. We went to church. Billie and Elsie had dinner with Lola & Gene. Ted & Thelma, Troy & Vera went to City Park in Portland. 

Mon June 16 – Cloudy & sunshine. Gladie & I went to pick berries, picked till 4 o’clock, got 12 crate a piece. Oliver was here for supper. Ted & Thelma came by going to take Troy to town to get him a car. 

Tue June 17 – Cloudy & sunshine. I washed my hair. Made some rhubarb pies. Ironed some. Gladie painted some pillows. We all went to church, Fred W. preached. 

Wed June 18 – Clear & warm. We went to pick berries. Gladie got 5 ½ crate, I got 6 by noon. Afternoon, we picked peas for 3 hours, 75 cts. Charley began work on road again. Oliver was here when we got home, he had picked a lot of cherries. Billie & Elsie, Mrs. Paris, Gloria and 3 of the Grant girls came down. They all went to church, but Gladie & I we were too tired. We went to bed at 8:30.

Thur June 19 – A clear morning. I put out a wash and we did our usual work. Charley worked on road. We all went to church. 

Fri June 20 – Cloudy & sunshine. We went real early to pick berries, got 12 crate a piece, quit at 4:30. We all went to church. Dr. Lake preached, there was 5 preachers there. 

Sat June 21 – Cloudy & sunshine. Charley worked on road. Billie came down to saw wood for Fred Harper. Gladie & I did up our work and went to Hillsboro and on out to Grandma’s for dinner, got there at 11 o’clock. They had just got the house painted and Kalsomined. We got our new shoes today in F.G. and 2 new dresses a piece, got home at 4:30. Oliver was here for supper, he & Charley went to church. 

Sun June 22 – A nice day. Did our usual work. No company today. Ted & Troy put out their potatoes. Gladie & I went to the cemetery in afternoon. Gladie went to a show, we went to church. 

Mon June 23 – Cloudy & sunshine. We picked berries, got home at 4:30. Dick was here when we got home. Charley worked on road. Arthur Clark came down after supper, brought his Mandolin and played and sang for us, stayed till 9:30. Billie sawed wood for Fred Harper. 

Tue June 24 – Cloudy & sun. We did up our work early and I started to sew. Made a print dress by 4 o’clock. We went to church, a lady preached, Mrs. Poupore. Dick stayed home.

Wed June 25 – Cloudy and some rain in p.m. We went to pick berries got 7 crate a piece at 2 o’clock and then came home as it rained. Ted & Thelma came after supper stayed all nite. We went to church. 

Thur June 26 – Some rain & sunshine. I put out a wash, then made myself a yellow print dress. Billie sawed wood, was here for dinner. Dick got 2 pigeons. We did not go to church. Gladie went to a show. 

Fri June 27 – Some showery. We went to pick berries. Gladie & I picked the patch alone. Got 9 ½ and 9 + 4. Got done at 2:25. Dick went home early in morning. Charley sowed turnip seed. Gladie & I and Harpers folks went to church. Billie got Holy Ghost tonight. 

Sat June 28 – A nice day. We were busy all fore noon with our work. Then afternoon, Gladie & I went to Forest Grove. Did a lot of shopping. Got us a new hat and new purse, got home at 4:30. Went to church. 

Sun June 29 – A nice day & warm. Fixed up a lunch to go to the big Lilly Clan Reunion up at McMinnville City Park. Gladie & I went alone. Charley had a cold and would not go. Ted, Thelma, Troy & Vera went in Ted’s car. We had a flat tire on the way there. Was an awfully big crowd there. Had pictures taken, a man from Tillamook took them. We had to hurry home for the baptising. There was about 13 baptized by Fred Wilson. Billie & Mrs. Paris. We got there in time. Billie, Elsie, Gloria & Mrs. Paris came with us for lunch. We all went to church. Gladie went to a show. 

Mon June 30 – Clear & hot. We picked berries. Gladie got 6 ½ crate, I got 7. Quit at 2:30. Slept some after we got home. Worked in garden after supper. 

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