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Column | The Diaries of Esther Lilly Hundley: September 8-14, 1930

Esther Lilly Hundley

Cast of characters

Esther Lilly Hundley & Charles Hundley (written as Charley/Chas), the author of the diaries and her husband.

Bill (written as Billie) and Elsie, Esther and Charles’ firstborn and his wife. 

Ted and Thelma, Esther and Charles’ second-born and Ted’s wife. 

Gladys and Roy Bills (written as Mr. B. or Mr. Bills), Esther and Charles’ third-born and her boyfriend. 

Mon Sept 8 – Showery, a big thunder storm came up through the nite and rained hard. Today was first day of hop picking. We did not start till nearly 8. It was so wet. Mrs. Sith & Hilda went with us. We had a flat tire, right by Mr. Sith’s. It was 8:20 when we got to picking hops. Mrs. Sith got 246, Hilda 191, Gadie 224, I got 237, quit at 5. 

Tue Sept 9 – Cloudy & cool. We went to the hop yard at 6:30, came home at 5, we all done fine. Ted & Thelma came down after supper, brought their new records down for us to hear. We had a flat tire. Charley went to Gales Creek & got a new tire at Mr. Frayer’s. I got 298 pounds hops, Gladie got 292. 

Wed Sept 10 – Cloudy & cooler. We started to hop yd at 6:30, picked till 3 and it rained us out. We got 225 and 215 pounds. Came home. I made some cream pies. 

Thur Sept 11 – Cloudy but did not rain any more. We went to hop yd at 6:30 again. We all made over our $2.00, came home at 5. John & Eva came up today, had dinner with Charley. The fair started today at Hillsboro. 

Fri Sept 12 – Cloudy & cool. We went to hop yd, all done good again. Billie & Elsie came down after supper, stayed till about 9.

Sat Sept 13 – Cloudy & cool. We went to hop yd at 6:30. Gladie got 274, I got 287, quit at 4. We wanted to go to the fair, but did not get to go. 

Sun Sept 14 – Cloudy & sunshine & quite warm. We went to hop yd today. Billie & Elsie came to hop yd. Billie helped us pick. George C helped for quite a while. Gladie got 247, I got 260, quit at 4:15. Troy ate supper here. Gladie went to a show, I guess. I did a lot of work after supper. Ted & Thelma went up to Pike last nite. Thelma stayed up there to go to Portland to do some shopping. The last day of fair, we did not get to go. 

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