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Column | The Diaries of Esther Lilly Hundley: October 6 – October 26, 1930

Esther Lilly Hundley

Mon Oct 6 – Foggy & smokey. I made some apple pies. Billie went to hospital right after breakfast, came back for dinner & went to work in p.m. Gladie went horse back riding. Uncle Henry and I just talked all afternoon. Billie went to hospital again after supper. 

Tue Oct 7 – Foggy. I made banana cream pies. Afternoon, Gladie, Vera, Uncle Henry & I all went to F.G. to see Elsie & Baby Ronnie for first time Got home about 4. Billie went down after supper. 

Wed Oct 8 – Foggy & some rain. I put out a wash, made some custard pies. Mill did not run. Billie went hunting over mountain but no luck. Ted & Thelma came about 3 o’clock. Gladie & I went to town again to take clothes to the baby at hospital. The kids all here for supper, also Uncle Henry. Troy & Vera & Freddie came over after supper. Billie went to hospital. 

Thur Oct 9 – Rainy & sunshine. I did a little wash for baby, then made some new diapers, 10 of them. Billie went down again after supper. Ted & Thelma went also first time. 

Fri Oct 10 – A nice day. I put out a wash again for baby Ronnie & ironed. Made my red print dress. Afternoon Billie went to hospital after supper. 

Sat Oct 11 – A fine clear fall day. I washed for baby & ironed. Did our other Sat. work as usual. Afternoon, Gladie & I went to town. Went to see Elsie at hospital, after supper Billie went. Uncle Henry went with him to town to go on to Tillamook with Mack, Milldred, Troy & Vera & Freddie. Ted & Thelma went to Pike. 

Sun Oct 12 – A beautiful day. I washed & ironed for the baby again. Billie & his dad went over the mountain hunting. Gladie & I alone all day, lonesome & blue. They came back about 4:30, no game. Oliver came for supper. Billie went to hospital to see Elsie & baby. I went with Gladie to a show at Hillsboro “Animal Crackers” got home at 10 o’clock. Charley & Oliver went to G.C. to church. 

Mon Oct 13 – A beautiful day. I put out a wash for baby Ronnie, then washed my hair. Gladie went fishing. I canned 5 qut tomatoes, marcelled my hair all before noon. Johnnie Williams got shot by Billie Williams for a deer over at Saddle Mountain. 

Tue Oct 14 – Some rain. I put out a wash for baby and did up work in general. Charley dug spuds I fixed Gladie’s green skirt. We slept some. We started to send in news regular to New’s Times for 3 months. 

Wed Oct 15 – Cloudy & sunshine.China season opened. Charley went hunting but got nothing. I washed for baby & ironed. Did a lot of cleaning up. Vera & Troy came in afternoon. Billie went to hospital to bring Elsie & Baby home. Came about 6 p.m. Ted & Thelma came down for supper, stayed till 8:30, fixed the bed in bedroom down stairs for Billie & Elsie. We slept up stairs. Charley went to Howard’s sale today. 

Thur Oct 16 – A nice day. I washed for baby, then made some apple pies & did general work, cooked a chicken for supper. John & Eva came about one o’clock, stayed till 3:30, got some pears. Charley went to Johnnie Williams Funeral at F.G. 2:30. Billie came home from mill about 3:30, went China hunting, got back about 6, got 2 Chinas. Gladie went to a show or someplace after supper. 

Fri Oct 17 – A nice day. I washed for baby & ironed. Did a lot of other work. Slept some in p.m.

Sat Oct 18 – A nice day & real warm. I washed for baby & ironed. We churned & did usual Sat. work. Gladie & I went to town in p.m. I got me goods for new dress, Sosette. Oliver was here for dinner & supper, he & Billie went to F.G. after supper. 

Sun Oct 19 – A clear beautiful day. I washed for baby & ironed. Did a lot other work. Billie went hunting, got 4 Chinas, had 3 for dinner. Gladie went riding in afternoon, took lunch. We stayed home all day. Oliver came for supper. Ted & Thelma came while we were eating. Chas, Oliver & I went to G.C. to church. Weighed the baby, he was 2 weeks old, weighed 10 pds. 

Mon Oct 20 – A beautiful day. I put out a wash for baby and did usual work. We slept some in afternoon. 

Tue Oct 21 – A beautiful day. I washed for baby also our general work. Gladie painted a picture. Mrs. Herrick came for a little while to see Elsie & baby. After supper, Billie, Elsie & baby Ronnie went home up to Camp. Elsie stayed a week. We sure miss them. 

Wed Oct 22 – A beautiful day. We did up usual morning work, then I made Gladie’s green dress with little jacket. Emmet came about 11:15 stayed a little while, went on up to Camp. Afternoon, we slept some, then I went up in pasture & set fires in logs & stumps. Mrs. Poupore & Lola came awhile. Billie & Rife came a little while after supper. Gladie & I went to church at Gales City. 

Thur Oct 23 – Clear but clouded up & rained about all day. I washed some blankets early, then cut out my Sousette dress & made it by 10:30. We slept some. Charley traded old ganders with Mr. Cody. Gladie & I made some paper roses for Mrs. Poupore. Gladie went to a show after supper. Troy came over a while, then Ted & Thelma came at 8, stayed till after 9. 

Fri Oct 24 – Rain, Rain and some sunshine. We ironed real early, then cleaned up stairs and general work. Gladie washed her hair. Oliver came about 11, stayed for dinner. I made some paper cosmos. We slept some. Gladie made some Jonquls after supper. 

Sat Oct 25 – Rain. We did our usual Sat. work. Today is Grandma H. birthday. Gladie & I went to town in afternoon. Ted & Thelma were in town, they put their water in the kitchen today. Billie came down just before supper to get some of his clean clothes. 

Sun Oct 26 – A showery day. I made pumpkin pies, fruit salad, potato salad, sandwiches and other stuff. We went down to Grandma’s about 10:15 to help celebrate ger 89 birthday. All of us folks were there, Billie, Elsie, little Ronnie his first trip, Ted & Thelma, Charley, Gladie & I, Grandma, Dick, Norma & Oscar. No one else came. We had a big dinner. Grandma had some trouble with her stomach, she did not feel very well. Ted & Thelma, Gladie & i stayed down. I came home with Ted & Thelma, went to a show, Jack Okey in “Let’s Go Native”, a dandy show. We got home at 9:45. Charley & Oliver went to church at G.C.

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