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Column | Gales Creek Gatherings: Veteran’s Day

Students at Visitation school in Verboort recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Photo Sharon Hundley

The American Legion was first chartered by Congress in 1919, as a patriotic organization focusing on service to veterans and service members ,giving them a voice in American policy making and laws.   From a war-weary band of WWI veterans, it has grown to one of the most influential non-profit groups in America. We can be proud of our local Forest Grove American Legion Post #2, for their community involvement as well.  In addition to flag disposal and other services to the community, our post has for many years been involved in educating elementary students about the care, respect and significance of the American Flag.  

This past week, on Tuesday and Wednesday, two members from Post #2 presented to the 2nd grade classes of Dilley Elementary and Visitation School in Verboort a lesson about the meaning of our Pledge of Allegiance.  Bob Dean and Michael Parker volunteered their time to show a short cartoon explaining all those big words in the pledge; and share a bit of their service experience.  The children were quite awed by the photos of ships shared by Mr. Dean as a former Naval Vet, as well as the tanks Mr. Parker showed them from his tour in the Army.  

Visitation School was delighted to allow coverage of this fun program, and I was particularly honored to witness our Vets in this role. Mrs. McDermott, the 2nd grade teacher at Visitation reported that the children have been studying holidays as well as learning about voting.  The class participated in a campaign-sign making project. 

Although neither Dilley nor Visitation Schools are in Gales Creek, our own students, having no school of their own, populate these schools, as well as others in the area.  So, if you see a Vet, you can thank them for their role in the lives of our young Gales Creek citizens.

Bob Dean and Michael Parker of Forest Grove American Legion Post #2 speak to students at Visitation Catholic School in Verboort. Photo: Sharon Hundley

Students at Visitation Catholic School show off campaign signs they created in class. Photo: Sharon Hundley

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