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Column | The Diaries of Esther Lilly Hundley: November 24 – November 30, 1930

Esther Lilly Hundley

Cast of characters

–Esther Lilly Hundley & Charles Hundley (written as Charley/Chas), the author of the diaries and her husband.

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–Bill (written as Billie) and Elsie, Esther and Charles’ firstborn and his wife. 

–Ted and Thelma, Esther and Charles’ second-born and Ted’s wife.

–Gladys and Roy Bills (written as Mr. B. or Mr. Bills), Esther and Charles’ third-born and her boyfriend. 

Mon Nov 24 – A clear cold morning, biggest frost. Did our usual work. Dick went home about 7:30, had to go early to open up pool hall, he brought me a big box of tin foil. Gladie painted 2 pictures. Grandpa H. came over. I made 10 crazy patch quilt blocks. Gladie went riding up to foot of summit. 

Tue Nov 25 – Clear & cold. I put out a wash & did general work. Gladie & I went to town after noon. I ordered 6 breakfast chairs at Claude Smith’s Furniture Store. Ted & Thelma came down from Kendall’s at Yamhill to stay a few days. Troy & Vera came over after supper, stayed till 9. 

Wed Nov 26 – Clear & cold. I made a orange sponge cake and killed 2 ducks & a lot of other work. Billie & Rife came over to get Bill’s duck. We all slept some in p.m. After supper, Ted & Thelma, Gladie & I went over to school for a pie social, got home at 9:15. 

Thur Nov 27 – Cloudy & sunshine. Thanksgiving Day. I made 2 mince pies & other cooking. Billie came down to get some cream. They ate dinner with Rife & Irene. Just Charley, Ted & Thelma, Gladie & I here for dinner. Had a nice dinner, 2 ducks roasted & all to go with it. Afternoon, we went to the matinee in F.G. “Up The River”. Got home at 4:30. Gladie & I road in rumble seat. Gladie went riding after supper, someplace. 

Fri Nov 28 – Cloudy all day. I washed for Ted & Thelma, made an outing gown for Gladie & did other work. Slept some after noon. Ted & Troy dug their potatoes. Thelma went over to Vera’s in p.m. Troy & Vera went to Tillamook for Thanksgiving. 

Sat Nov 29 – Cloudy & foggy, cleared away & was nice by noon. We did our usual Sat. work. After noon Gladie, Thelma & I went to F.G., got back 3:30. After supper, Ted & Thelma went up to Kendall’s. Thelma was going to stay till she goes to the hospital. 

Sun Nov 30 – Clear & cold, a big freeze. I made a sponge cake real early & killed a chicken. Troy came over awhile. Arthur Clarke came about 11:15, stayed for dinner first time, left about 2. Gladie went for a ride, some place, all afternoon, got back after 9. Billie & Elsie came about 4, stayed for lunch & till 8 o’clock. Ted came back from Yamhill.

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