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Column | The Diaries of Esther Lilly Hundley: January 19 – February 25, 1931

The farm that Esther Lilly Hundley and her family lived on in Gales Creek

Cast of characters

–Esther Lilly Hundley & Charles Hundley (written as Charley/Chas), the author of the diaries and her husband.

–Bill (written as Billie) and Elsie, Esther and Charles’ firstborn and his wife. 

–Ted and Thelma, Esther and Charles’ second-born and Ted’s wife.

–Gladys and Roy Bills (written as Mr. B. or Mr. Bills), Esther and Charles’ third-born and her boyfriend. 

(Gladie is still writing here) 

Mon Jan 19 – Foggy. We just did up usual work. Bill sawed wood. Elsie and I slept some in afternoon.

Tue Jan 20 – Frost. Usual work. I made butter scotch pudding today. Seems like spring. Sunshine, nice and warm. Elsie went up where Bill is sawing wood. I kept Ronald. Dad went to town. Oliver came back with him. They listened to fight over radio till 11 o’clock.

Wed Jan 21 – Rain this morning. I washed clothes. Elsie washed some too. Bill went to his traps, caught a civit cat. Listened to radio till 8:30, then retired. 

Thur Jan 22 – Hard rain. Nothing much to do. Brison Wanless was over in afternoon. Bill fixed new walk, which wasn’t to soon. I went to Forest Grove with Roy.

Fri Jan 23 – Rain as usual. Elsie washed some. I washed my hair. Oliver came in afternoon, also as usual. We all retired at 8:30. 

Sat Jan 24 – Rain. Elsie, Bill and Ronald went home this morning, sure miss them. I ironed and scrubbed in evening. We listened to radio. 

Sun Jan 25 – Rain. Made a cake soon after breakfast. Curled my hair. Just dad & I here. Roy came about 1:15, we rode up to Gaston and then seen show at F.G. “Princess & The Plumber” good show. Dad and Oliver went to G.C. to church. 

Mon Jan 26 – Foggy this morning. Dad went to Camp to get lumber. Ted & Thelma came at 11:30 and left about one. I sewed some in p.m.

Tue Jan 27 – Cloudy. Didn’t do much today. Had touch of flu. Dad went to F.G. in p.m. Oregonian man collected today. Another man was here about a gold mine. Dad got some new hens, brown leghorns. 

Wed Jan 28 – Beautiful. Bill & Elsie came down, stayed till 11:30. I went up by Dave’s mill in p.m. Dad hauled lumber. Today is warm like spring, the bluebirds came today, I saw a lizard out also. Ted & Thelma came about 5:15. Stayed all night. 

Thurs Jan 29 – Beautiful! Washed this morning. Dad hauled lumber. Thelma & Ted left about 3:30. Grandpa Herrick was over awhile. Oliver came in evening. Roy came 6:30, we went to a show. 

Fri Jan 30 – Frost. Ironed this a.m. Dad hauled lumber. I went up in woods. Set out sweet pea seed. Oliver came in evening. 

Sat Jan 31 – Frost and sunshine. Scrubber and finished up house work. Dad is hauling more lumber. Went to store in p.m.

Esther resumes writing

Sun Feb 1 – A beautiful day, warm. I made Gladie & her Dad were alone all day, she went riding in p.m. I was down to Grandma’s yet 2 weeks today, since I went down. Norma came out for dinner. Afternoon, we went to get some pussy willows. Took Grandma with us. Maggie & Bert came, stayed till after 5. Mrs. Diedoff & Billie came for awhile. After supper, Dick & I went to a show, Clara Bow in “Her Wedding Nite”, we got home at 9:15. Gladie was to the show. 

Mon Feb 2 – A nice day. Charley hauled lumber. Gladie did her usual work. Oliver came. I came home from Grandma’s in p.m. Dick came with me, went right back. 

Tue Feb 3 – A nice day. I put out a wash & did general work. Charley hauled lumber. Ted helped Troy make a porch to their kitchen. They came over here, stayed all nite. 

Wed Feb 4 – Cloudy & sunshine. I made a whipped cream cake. Billie came down, they killed a pig, our last one, he stayed for dinner. Ted started a smoke house in p.m. I hemmed Grandma’s quilt. Oliver came after supper to listen to Amos ‘n Andy. 

Thurs Feb 5 – A nice day. We ironed and rendered lard, made sausage. Ted & Thelma ground the sausage. Troy ate dinner here, we had light rolls for dinner. Troy got a job on road for John McLearan. Mr. & Mrs. Kendall came about 2:30, stayed till 4:30 & went up with Ted & Thelma, they had been here since Tuesday. Baby Ronnie’s birthday, 4 months old, 18 pounds. 

Fri Feb 6 – A nice day. I finished up the meat. Gladie washed her hair. Charley hauled lumber. Afternoon, Gladie & I went up to Camp to see the kids. Billie had gone hunting we got home at 4:30.

Sat Feb 7 – A nice day. We did our usual Sat. work, took a bath. Chas hauled lumber. Gladie & I went to F.G. in p.m., got new print for a dress, a piece for a dress a piece. Got home at 3:45. 

Sun Feb 8 – A nice day did our usual work. I made a cake.

(Gladie writes) We went down to Grandma’s, got there at 2. Ma stayed down. I went over to Christner’s with Roy at 3:30, then about five went to Portland. Back by Hillsboro seen show “Going WIld” Joe Brown. 

Mon Feb 9 – Cloudy. Dad hauled more lumber, got home 1:20. I made some bird houses. Slept some in p.m. Oliver came in evening, listened to Amos ‘n Andy. 

Tue Feb 10 – Hazy. Dad is hauling more lumber. I made a pink pillow. 

Wed Feb 11 – Frost and sunshine. Washed this morning. Bill & Elsie came about nine. Bill went over mountain. Dad hauled last load of lumber. Oliver came. Toppie sang today. 

Thur Feb 12 – Frost and sunshine. Ironed this a.m. Slept some in p.m. Went to show in evening. 

Fri Feb 13 – Frost. Did up usual work. Dad took old chicken’s to town in p.m. I made a bird house with four rooms. Oliver came home with Dad, they went to school program in evening. I listened to radio. 

Sat Feb 14 – Cloudy. Scrubbed and done other work. Bill was down. Dad went to sale in afternoon. We listened to radio till 8:30. I made some candy in p.m.

Sun Feb 15 – Rainy. Dad and I alone today. Dad went over to traps in p.m. I saw show at Troy’s in p.m. I saw show at Hillsboro. 

Mon Feb 16 – Rain. Cleaned upstairs this a.m. Grandpa H. was over awhile. I fixed my coat in p.m. Dad went to town. Oliver was here for supper. 

Tue Feb 17 – Rain. Didn’t do much all day. Dad fixed some on smoke house. I read magazine in p.m. Ted & Thelma came in evening. 

Wed Feb 18 – Rain. Got through washing at 8:30. Washed my hair. The Kids started work at the mill today. We listened to radio as usual in evening. 

Thur Feb 19 – Misty. Usual housework. Troy was over. Got magazine “The Westerners” today. Dad & Troy went to G.C. in afternoon. 

Fri Feb 20 – Cloudy. Did usual work & ironed. 

Sat Feb 21 – (Esther writes) Cloudy & sunshine. Gladie did up Sat. work as usual. She & her Dad went to Forest Grove in p.m. I came home from Grandma’s Dick brought me up. I had stayed with Grandma 7 weeks all together from Dec 27 off & on till Feb. 21. Grandma & I spent the day with Maggie & Bert Friday. We got up home here at 3 p.m. Gladie & Charley got here after 4. Took radio battery in. Got a letter from Uncle Henry from Oklahoma. 

Sun Feb 22 – Cloudy & a sprinkle of rain in evening. I made some custard pies early in a.m. Gladie made candy. We were alone all day. Gladie went some place, I don’t know where. I stayed home with blues — all day. I wrote Uncle Henry a letter, also Sis Emma. 

Mon Feb 23 – A beautiful day. Did our morning work. Charley started to plow over on Oley H. place. Gladie made 2 bird houses. I put out Chrysanthemums in front yard and set out 2 poplar trees I got down at North Plains. 

Tue Feb 24 – Cloudy & sunshine. Did our work. Charley plowed. I made Gladie’s new print dress, got it done by eleven. Troy came over awhile. Gladie & I went to F.G. in afternoon, got radio battery & generator for light & some smelt & sassafras, the first we had this season. Ted & Thelma and little Joanne came down after supper, stayed all nite, first I had seen them for 2 weeks. 

Wed Feb 25 – Cloudy & sunshine. I did a wash. Ted went over to Troy’s for awhile. Charley plowed. We all slept some in p.m. Then Ted & Thelma went over to Troy & Vera’s got back about 5. Troy & Vera & Freddie came over after supper, we all listened to Amos ‘n Andy was Andy’s trial. Madam Queen talked. Ted & Thelma went home about 8:25. Billie & Elsie & Baby Ronnie went to Portland to see Mrs. Paris & Ethel today.

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