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Gales Creek Cemetery Association gains new president

The Lilly plot at the Gales Creek Cemetery. Photo: Chas Hundley

The Gales Creek Cemetery Association’s annual meeting was held Friday, May 1 2020, outside at the home of Joyce Sauber.

The purpose of this annual meeting is to elect officers, board members, and review any business relating to finances and maintenance. 

JoAnne Schmidlin has served as the president since 1982. She has done an outstanding job of keeping everything up to date and managing any business pertaining to the Gales Creek Cemetery, along with many years of volunteer clean up projects, opening and closing gates, and other tasks too numerous to list. 

For many years, JoAnne has requested we find a replacement for her to fill the president’s position, and this year we have. Thank you JoAnne for years of dedication to our Gales Creek Cemetery. 

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Election of officers, new and renewed are: 

Sandi Evans – President

Joyce Sauber – Vice-President (reelected)

Dallas Boge – Secretary/Treasurer (reelected)

Darlene Timmerman – One year remaining in board term

Jim Evans – new board member, filling the remainder of Sandi Evans’ term

Guy Hutchins – New board member, replacing Dan Hundley

We welcome new officers and board members and extend a grateful thank you to those who have served on the Gales Creek Cemetery board. 

Thanks to a generous donation for the past two years, we are able to continue to have the cemetery grounds mowed and maintained several times during the growing season, which cost $500 each time. 

The Gales Creek Cemetery, like many small community cemeteries, relies on donations to pay for grounds maintenance and repairs to gates, fences and buildings. 

The beautiful American flag that is lighted at night was donated and is maintained by a family in the area. 

If you would like to make a donation to the Gales Creek Cemetery Association, please send your donations to 

Gales Creek Cemetery Association

10735 NW Thornburg Road

Gales Creek OR 97117

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