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Letters to the Editor: Vote Republican

Judy Hixson is a Seaside resident

There is no question we are living in unprecedented times. Our state faces so many issues that could be rectified if our elected legislators and officials would Do the Right Thing!

Our governor and her Democrat leaders have refused to protect citizens and businesses by allowing violence, destruction, and crime to run rampant. They are not supporting law enforcement but instead turning their backs on the very people who elected them to protect us. The Marxist, BLM & Antifa terrorists, masquerading as “protestors” have occupied the streets of Portland to loot and burn businesses, then attack anyone who attempts to stop them, including police. Simply put, it is unamerican! Portland’s mayor is an embarrassment.

Taxes: We are already taxed to our eyeballs in this state. Our tax money is funding “free” abortions every single day. The governor’s Cap-and-Regulate bill would be devastating to so many businesses and families, piling on more taxes. Oregon is the 4th biggest tax-and-spend state in the nation. Check out Taxpayer Association of Oregon.

Our religious freedoms are being threatened more and more. Everyone has faced struggles against COVID-19, and rules for church gatherings has created problems for churches to remain open. It is Satan’s plan to divide and conquer, and it is our duty to fight against it!

The Constitutional 2nd Amendment is threatened more than ever! The right to bear arms never ceases – stand firm in this battle!

The list goes on and on. State legislators need to remember: You work for us, not the other way around!

If you care about your state and your freedoms, you will vote red! Our future generations are counting on you!

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