Esther Lilly Hundley

Mon Nov 3 - A lovely day. Did our usual work. I made Grandma’s print dress I gave her for her birthday. Gladie made some plaster book ends. Grandpa H. came over awhile. 

Tue Nov 4 - Foggy & some cloudy. I put out a wash, then scrubbed kitchen, killed a chicken, made some baked apple dumplings. Troy helped Charley haul gravel. Uncle Henry went over to Vera’s for awhile. Gladie painted some. Ted & Thelma came down after supper for awhile. Today was election, Julius Myers got in for Governor.

Wed Nov 5 - Foggy & cloudy. We got up real early had breakfast at 5:30. Gladie & I took Uncle Henry to Forest Grove for the 7:45 bus, he went up to Lena’s at Tacoma. We got home at 8:45. Gladie painted a pillow top for Mrs. Gully. I embroidered some. Chas went to F.G. to pay taxes, the last half $37.00. We slept some. Granpa Herrick came over. Gladie & I, also Fannie Harper went to church after supper, only 7 there. Uncle Henry was here just a month, he came the 5 of October. Billie & Elsie’s Baby is one month old today. Gladie set first trap today.

Thurs Nov 6 - Foggy & cloudy about all day. We did our ironing. I washed my hair early & curled it. Gladie & I cleaned out the hen house. Oliver came for dinner. Charley began to grade the hill down for the road. I made my pink dress over in p.m. Gladie went some where after supper. 

Fri Nov 7 - Foggy. Did up morning work & churned. I washed chair cushions, made a basket design cushion. Charley graded the road, Troy helped. We slept some in p.m.

Sat Nov 8 - Rain, Rain all day. Did our usual Sat. work. I made some brown cookies & fruit salad Gladie 7 I took our usual bath. Vera came over at 10 to make some curtains, I helped her. It rained so, Charley did not get to put gravel on road. Troy, Gladie & I went to town in p.m. I got me a new black hat at Penney’s store. Mat & Emma & Jackie, Tommie & Minnie came over Emma, Mat & Jackie ate supper here. I got a card from Lena today, Uncle got home O.K. Ted & Thelma went to Pike tonite. 

Sun Nov 9 - Rain about all day. Did our work up. Emma came over from Troy’s about 10 o’clock. Billie, Elsie & Baby Ronnie came about eleven. First time Emma had seen baby, he was 5 weeks old today, weighed 11 ½ pounds. Troy & Vera had their 1st wedding anniversary today, had a crowd there. Billie & Elsie went home about 5 o’clock. We had lunch about 5:30. I went with Gladie to show at Hillsboro, Amos ‘n Andy, “Check & Double Check”, a dandy good show, got home about 9:35.