Power lines near Forest Grove. File photo: Chas Hundley

WASHINGTON COUNTY - Service for landlines with the 357, 359, and 992 prefix has been restored after an earlier 911 outage, according Forest Grove Fire & Rescue.

The restoration came at 12:52 p.m., according to Forest Grove Fire & Rescue, and the cause of the outage remains unknown to the agency at this time.

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While 911 service is back, some homes are still without electricity in the region, according to outage maps from Portland General Electric.

"This is a great example of being prepared if a utility service like phones or power goes out, and to have a back-up plan," Forest Grove Fire & Rescue said in an email.

The agency went on to give the following tips during outages:

--If phone service goes out, try to establish communications with family and neighbors. Look out for those that might not have cell phones. Be aware you might have to drive to a fire or police station to get assistance.

--If the power goes out, find ways to keep your mobile devices charged, have a good supply of flash lights and wear extra cloths during colder weather. Try to avoid using candles and other heat producing items.