The farm that Esther Lilly Hundley and her family lived on in Gales Creek

Cast of characters

--Esther Lilly Hundley & Charles Hundley (written as Charley/Chas), the author of the diaries and her husband.

--Bill (written as Billie) and Elsie, Esther and Charles’ firstborn and his wife. 

--Ted and Thelma, Esther and Charles’ second-born and Ted’s wife.

--Gladys and Roy Bills (written as Mr. B. or Mr. Bills), Esther and Charles’ third-born and her boyfriend.

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Thur May 7 - Cloudy & chilly. Did our usual work. I made light bread and then made Gladie’s green silk dress, I got her for Xmas. Grandpa Herrick came over right after dinner. Charley plowed. Gladie went some place after supper. 

Fri May 8 - Clear & chilly, with a frost. We ironed & churned & usual work. Gladie went fishing along G.C. Ted and Thelma came about eleven and said get ready to go to Lotus Isle, Portland. So Ted went to creek & found Gladie. We had dinner and got ready to go, stopped in F.G. Ted got hair cut. Thelma got new shoes. We got to Lotus Isle about 3 in p.m., stayed at Peacock Ball Room, watched the walkathon, 5 couples. Some contest. 

Gladie writes:

We ate supper there, about six, then came and watched the contestants again, until eleven. From 9:15 until 12:15, they had to dance continually together. Some crowd, the hall was packed and hundreds turned away. At eleven, we suddenly decided to come home. Got home at 12:30. Ma & I rode in rumble seat. Some ride. Bill & Elsie and Baby Ronnie, also Rife & Irene went to Tillamook. 

Esther writes:

Sat May 9 - A beautiful day. Did our usual work. Ted & Thelma stayed all nite. Ted & Troy went to creek, got 13 big suckers. Afternoon, Gladie, Thelma, Joanne, Vera, Freddie & I went to town. Ted & Troy went to G.C. to fix ball ground. We got home at 5. Had a flat tire going to town. Ted & Thelma went to Pike after supper. Thelma got Joanne’s first little shoes today, black & white slippers. There are only four couples at Lotus Isle today, Art and LuLu gone. 

Gladie writes: 

Sun May 10 - Beautiful day. Ma, Dad and I went down to North Plains about 10:30. Aunt Norma came in afternoon. I left about 4:30. Went to Hillsboro. Seen show “50 Million Frenchmen Can’t Be Wrong”. Ted stayed all nite. 

Mon May 11 - Clear and hot, 84 today. I fixed some flowers this a.m. Grandpa H. was over awhile. Slept some in p.m.Set hen in dog house. Bill and Elsie were down in evening, Ronald had on first new shoes. 

Tue May 12 - Hot again today. Banty hatched today, 10. I made a box for some flowers in a.m. Slept some in afternoon. Dad is plowing. Made some cookies.

Wed May 13 - Hazy, sunshine. I washed this a.m. Then went fishing up Clear Water. Oliver came in afternoon was here till 9. Grandpa H. was over in a.m.