The farm that Esther Lilly Hundley and her family lived on in Gales Creek

Cast of characters

--Esther Lilly Hundley & Charles Hundley (written as Charley/Chas), the author of the diaries and her husband.

--Bill (written as Billie) and Elsie, Esther and Charles’ firstborn and his wife. 

--Ted and Thelma, Esther and Charles’ second-born and Ted’s wife.

--Gladys and Roy Bills (written as Mr. B. or Mr. Bills), Esther and Charles’ third-born and her boyfriend.

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Thur May 14 - Gladie writes: Sunshine. Got some fern up in woods. 

Fri May 15 - Esther writes: Cloudy & sunshine. I came back from Grandma’s at North Plains this a.m. Dick brought me home. Grandma came, also got here about 3:15. They stayed till 4. Gladie had been fishing up Clear Water, got 6 nice ones. I had been down to Grandma’s since Sunday. Went to a show Sunday nite “50 Million Frenchmen Can’t Be Wrong”. On Monday, I washed curtains & windows. Did the wash on Tuesday. Ironed Wednesday and cleaned up the house all over, washed a blanket and scrubbed floors, was busy about all the time. Rained in the evening. Charley began to plow for Sandburg today. 

Sat May 16 - We did usual work. It rained today. Charley plowed for ). Sandburg. Afternoon, Gladie & I, also Troy, Vera, & Freddie went to F.G., went to show Harry Carry in “Trader Horn and African” show, got home at 5:30. Got my big tube cake pan today with gold medal cake flour. 

Sun May 17 - Sunshine & showers. I made a sunshine cake, had a pork roast & new peas. No one here for dinner, only Charley, Gladie and I. We slept some in p.m. Charley went to ball game at G.C. Oliver came in p.m. Ted & Thelma came up from ball game. Ted & Troy played, they were here for supper, left about 7:30. Gladie went to a show. Oliver, Charley & I went to church, also Ben & Fannie, Billie, & Elsie went to Portland. Elsie & Ronnie stayed down with Mrs. Paris and Ethyl. 

Mon May 18 - Cloudy & sun, cooler. We did usual work. I made a big whip cream cake, set out cosmos in flower garden, worked some in little garden. Billie came by on his way to Portland to get Elsie & Ronnie, he stayed for dinner. I slept some in afternoon. Gladie went fishing, got 1. Vera came over, they went to town got a Ford Coupe, traded old Chev for it 1926 model. Grandpa Herrick came over after supper. Charley plowed for Sanburg. 

Tue May 19 - Cloudy & sunshine. I put out a wash and did usual work. Slept some in p.m. Billie & Elsie came by from Portland, stayed for supper. Oliver came. Charley plowed for Sanburg. Had our first strawberries. \

Wed May 20 - A nice clear morning. We did usual work. Charley plowed for Sanburg. I wrote some letters. We slept some in p.m. Gladie went after the cows. Vera and Freddie came over awhile. Gladie & I went to F.G. right after noon. The kids all came down right after supper, we all put in garden over in the old garden.