The farm that Esther Lilly Hundley and her family lived on in Gales Creek

Thur Sept 10-Cloudy & sunshine. We went to hop yard at 6 o’clock. Got done on the rows we were on. At 2:15 we came home. Gladie got 206, I got 224. Cleaned up the house when we got home. Scrubbed floors. Gladie went out some place, I don’t know where. 

Fri Sept 11-Cloudy & sunshine. We went to hop yard at 6 o'clock, picked till 4. Gladie got 261, I got 311 pounds. The most we made. Billie, Elsie & Ronnie also Ted, Thelma and Joanne were in hop yard for awhile in p.m. Ted & Thelma had been to F.G. got linoleum for the kitchen. 

Sat Sept 12-Cloudy and sunshine. We went to hop yard at six. Went by Troy's and there Sis Emma was. Came over the day before. We talked a bit and went on. She came down to hop yard in p.m., walked down. We picked till after 4 o'clock. Gladie got 267, I got 260. Had a big ice cream feed after we stopped picking, we had three dishes a piece. Came home and hurried around and Gladie & I went to the County Fair at Hillsboro. Got there at 8:30, saw the fireworks, played Housie game but won nothing. Got home at 12:15. I got to bed at 12:30. 

Sun Sept 13-Cloudy & sunshine. Got up early at 4:30 as per usual. Went to hop yard at 6. The last day. Eleven days of picking, got done at 2:45 o'clock. Gladie made 163 pounds, I made 206. We stopped at Troy's and Vera's awhile. Vera feeling fine after getting home from hospital. Emma was there also. We came on home and cleaned up and got supper. No one came. We went to bed early. Gladie stayed home in evening. Joanne's 9th month birthday.

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Mon Sept 14-Cloudy & sunshine. We got up at 5 o'clock this a.m., did up morning work. I made 2 pies, 1 apple, 1 butterscotch. We cleaned the house all up. Emma & Vera and Freddie came over in p.m., stayed till 4 o'clock. Emma came back over to stay all nite. Oliver came up awhile after supper.

Tue Sept 15-Cloudy and sunshine. We did up the work real early. I churned. Emma went back over to Vera's. Gladie and I took the old Ford and moved Fannie Harper down to their new home at old Centerville. Then we went on to Grandma's for awhile, got there at 9. Stayed till a little after ten. Got home at eleven, had lunch, then we went by and got Emma, Vera & Freddie and went to Cemetery. Grannie's 89th birthday, took some pretty flowers down. Coming back, the old Ford's brakes went haywire had to go to George Mc's-Garage and have them relined. Cost $1.60. Emma came back over and stayed all nite again.

Wed Sept 16-Cloudy & sunshine. Got the work done early, then Emma & I picked pears & canned 10 qut Sweet plums & canned 8 quart and a box of pears for her to take home, had dinner over, then Gladie went fishing. Emma & I went over to Mrs. Skinner's. She was in the prune orchard at Jennie Ranes' so we went out there. Came back to Vera's at 3. I came home. Emma was going to Mildred's tonite. Charley began to sow grain on Emma's place today. Ted & Thelma & Joanne came down about 7:30, stayed till 8:45.