The farm that Esther Lilly Hundley and her family lived on in Gales Creek

Thur Sept 17-Cloudy & sunshine and some showers in p.m. I put out a wash, first since before hop picking, washed my hair and pulled up dryed seed beans all in fore noon. Gladie set a mole trap, we slept a little in p.m. Gladie went some place after supper at 8:30.

Fri Sept 18-Cloudy & some rain. We did the ironing and usual work. Took a bath and I fixed over my pajamas into a dress. Also made Gladie a silk patch work cushion top out of scraps from the handkerchiefs she used to paint. Hilda came over in p.m., stayed till 4 o'clock.

Sat Sept 19-Cloudy & sunshine and a few showers. We did usual Sat. work. I canned 6 qut of blue prunes. We went to F.G. in p.m. Went down to Mildred's to see Emma. She went back to Tillamook in p.m. with Bud Develin. We got home at 3:35. Dick came at 4 to deer hunt next day. 

Sun Sept 20-Clear & cloudy. Got up early. Dick & Chas went up in the woods hunting about 6:45. I made butterscotch pies, cooked 2 chickens and had a good dinner. They came in soon after noon but got nothing. Gladie went riding up around Newburg and to a show at F.G. "Daddy Long Legs". Billie, Elsie & Ronnie came about 3 o'clock, stayed till 8. Ted & Thelma went to Pike. 

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Mon Sept 21-Clear & sunshine. Did usual morning work. Made one cream pie. Dick went up in hills hunting right after breakfast. Gladie went fishing, got 4. 

Tue Sept 22-Clear & Sunny. Did morning work. Dick started over the hump hunting about 6:45. I canned 9 qut of sweet plums. Made a sponge cake. Went to garden, got beans & com. Charley plowed on Emma's place. Dick got back from over hump about 3:30, got nothing. Freddie came over got some turnips & prunes, he started to school Monday, first time. 

Wed Sept 23-Clear & smokey. I did the weeks wash, got it out at 7:30. Dick went up in hills hunting, did not get any thing. He went home after noon about 1:30. Gladie & I slept some. I got up and cleaned out the hen house. We went to Cemetery right after supper to take up Geraniums.