The farm that Esther Lilly Hundley and her family lived on in Gales Creek

Thur Dec 10 - Pause 

Fri Dec 11 - Pause 

Sat Dec 12 - A stop between. Did our usual work. Killed a chicken for Sunday. Gladie and I went to F.G. in afternoon and on to Hillsboro. Done some Xmas shopping. Billie & Elsie came by after supper, left Ronald with us while they went to town, he slept with Gladie till midnight. They stayed all nite. Snowed some today. We saw R.H. at G.C. store. 

Sun Dec 13 - Snowed about 2 inches last night, first we have had. I made a whipped cream cake. Afternoon, Billie, Elsie, Ronnie and I went down to Grandma's. Norma was there, & Bert & Maggie. We stayed for a show, Gary Cooper in "His Woman" a good show. Gladie went to F.G. to a show. Ted & Thelma went up to Pike today, was Joanne's first year old birthday. 

Mon Dec 14 - Tumed cold and froze hard. We did usual work and done Xmas fancy work. Ted & Thelma came down awhile after supper. 

Tue Dec 15 - Still clear & cold. We did usual work, killed our hog today. Mr. Herrick helped. 

Wed Dec 16 - Still clear & cold. I put out a wash real early, then done embroidery work. Started to get warmer.