The farm that Esther Lilly Hundley and her family lived on in Gales Creek

--Esther Lilly Hundley & Charles Hundley (written as Charley/Chas), the author of the diaries and her husband.

--Bill (written as Billie) and Elsie, Esther and Charles’ firstborn and his wife. 

--Ted and Thelma, Esther and Charles’ second-born and Ted’s wife.

--Gladys and Roy Bills (written as Mr. B. or Mr. Bills), Esther and Charles’ third-born and her boyfriend.

Thur Dec 24 - Stormy. We did lots of work today, made mince pies-fruit cake-killed a chicken. Got a package from Emma today from Tillamook. Had our Xmas presents & tree after supper. Just Charley, Gladie & I here alone. Got quite a few gifts. Gladie made me a sewing cabinet for Xmas. Ted & Thelma went up to Pike.

Fri Dec 25 - Xmas Day 1931. A dandy day, we did a lot of cooking. Ted & Thelma came down from Pike about 11:15. We had dinner, just Chas, Ted & Thelma, Joanne, Gladie & I here. They gave us one of Joanne's pictures & Gladie a linen buffet runner. Afternoon, Ted & Thelma, Joanne, Gladie & I went to a show. Buster Keaton in "Sidewalks of New York" a dandy crazy show. Grandma had some gifts for us all. I got a nice pair silk stockings & big B. C. Ted & Thelma stayed all nite here. Billie & Elsie had dinner, had Mrs. Paris & Ethyl there-Troy & Vera went to Tillamook.

Sat Dec 26 - Rainy all day & big wind-we just did up work. Ted & Thelma stayed all day. Went up to Pike about 3:30. We got little baby lamb at Herricks today.

Sun Dec 27 - Rainy about all day. We just did usual work, I made 2 banana cream pies. Grandpa H. came over for an hour. We were alone for dinner. Billie & Elsie came by on their way home from Portland. Stayed for supper. Then we went to a show at F.G., Seth Parker in "Way Back Home” a radio picture. A dandy good show. Gladie went to see it, was on at Hillsboro, also the same nite. Ted & Thelma came here from Pike about 6:30.

Mon Dec 28 - Cloudy. Did usual work & nothing to speak of. Slept some in p.m. Gladie set a trap for a mink. Billie & Elsie came down after supper to get Rip.

Tue Dec 29 - A nice day but chilly. We did our work up early & went to town & on to Hillsboro. Laura Potts trial was to come off but was postponed, we got home about 11:45. Troy came over awhile in p.m. We cleaned up the house. I have a real sore finger, infected at nail today. Roscoe L. is 15 years old.

Wed Dec 30 - Stormy, a little snow & raining hard. Gladie put out the work, as my finger is too sore. She made a cake. Grandpa H. came over a while.