The Forest Grove School District central office. Photo: Chas Hundley

In a letter to district parents, Forest Grove School District Superintendent Dave Parker laid out the district’s timeline for a possible reopening of in-person learning, but the superintendent cited a number of unknowns — the virus, the vaccine rollout, guidance from federal, state, and county officials — to note that the plan could change. 

“We need to remain flexible and adaptable to current circumstances,” Parker wrote in the letter, dated Jan. 29. 

With teachers becoming eligible for vaccines, the tentative plan would see Pre-K to 2nd grade enter the hybrid learning model — some days on-site, some days online — beginning in the second week of April, with 3rd and 4th grade following in the third week of April, and 5th and 6th grade following in the fourth week of April. 

Graphic courtesy FGSD

The first week of May could see 7th grade and up enter some form of limited in-person instruction, the district said. 

These plans are contingent, however, on Washington County's COVID-19 case rate staying at or below 350 per 100,000 residents in the two weeks prior to the second week of April. 

The opening date also relies on district staff being vaccinated as laid out in the above graphic. 

Families that wish to have their students remain in comprehensive distance learning may choose to do so, according to the district. 

Part of the reopening planning will come in the form of a survey sent to district families, asking if their students will participate in on-site learning or if they will remain in school under the comprehensive distance learning model, and if students will need transportation to school. 

“We ask that we all continue to diligently practice social distancing, mask wearing and proper handwashing so that we can do our part to ensure we are able to bring students back to school,” Parker said.