Back row from left to right: Jim Evans, Mark Hutto, Guy Hutchins, front row Sandi Evans and Sally Hundley on October 3, 2020 after a work party at the Gales Creek Cemetery. Photo: Chas Hundley

When you visit the Gales Creek Cemetery this Memorial Day to honor your family member or a friend, please take time to enjoy the beautiful peaceful setting. So many improvements have been done since last year. 

Three new concrete pads and benches have been placed in the cemetery. This was an Eagle Scout project completed last September. Hannah Powell, of Hillsboro, raised the funds for all materials and organized two work parties to install the benches. We are so grateful that Hannah chose the Gales Creek Cemetery as her Eagle Scout project. Thank you Hannah and all your volunteers. 

A freshly-installed bench from Hannah Powell's Eagle project. Photo: Chas Hundley

Another exciting project is the map of the cemetery and books listing those interred in the old and new areas of the cemetery. These are located in the garden shed. The garden shed has been power washed, two new windows installed, and a table built to hold the map. Sandi Evans created the large map and books. Thank you Sandi - what a great addition to the Gales Creek Cemetery. 

The very large oak tree that fell during a windstorm last fall has been removed and the area cleaned. This was a very time and labor intensive job. Shrubs have been trimmed, the sign repaired, and a welcome repair is the clear plastic piece of roofing installed where the vases are stored, which allows light into that area. 

Countless other clean up and maintenance has been done at the Gales Creek Cemetery this year, all thanks to our board members Sandi and Jim Evans, Guy Hutchins, Sally Hundley, as well as Mark Hutto.

If you see any one of these incredible volunteers, please take time to thank them.  The Gales Creek Cemetery Board of Directors held their annual meeting Friday, April 30 at the home of Joyce Sauber. The purpose of this annual meeting is to elect officers and take care of any business. 

Board members that were re-elected were President Sandi Evans, Vice-President Joyce Sauber, Secretary/Treasurer Dallas Boge, and general members Darlene Timmerman, Jim Evans, Guy Hutchins, and newly-elected Sally Hundley. Mark Hutto was a guest. Other business pertained to maintenance of the grounds, mowing and spraying, interment, and general expenses. Donations to the Gales Creek Cemetery are always welcome, as mowing, spraying, and repairs are an added expense each year. 

The Gales Creek Cemetery is located at 7675 NW Soda Springs Road in Gales Creek.