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Column | Gales Creek Gatherings: Gardening, church, and food

Sharon Hundley


Planning and planting your garden, soil sampling and amending, container gardening, mulching, watering and weeding, gardening for health, cooking from your garden, and others are class topics in this 6 week course happening at Gales Creek Church which began February 22. Seed to Supper is a free program, offered as a joint effort by the Oregon Food Bank and Master Gardeners, with a target audience of those with food insecurities, but is open to anyone.  

Twenty-four participants from several communities, and 5 facilitators will be involved in this years’ class. It is our hope to offer an annual class in surrounding communities, and we have had an overwhelming response to this first venture. In addition to the class offering, we have a ‘commercial break’ featuring local nutritional consultant, Julie Morrison; who will be available for FAQ’s after the session. Snacks created from foods that grow well in our area are provided, and a seed give-away round out each evening.


Def: Retreat—withdrawal from enemy forces or a quiet secluded place in which one can rest or relax. Both parts of this definition of retreat may be used to describe our retreat to the Harbor Villa Center in Rockaway each February. The onslaught of daily life and the busy-ness of activities can take a toll on one’s well being. So, twice per year Gales Creek Ladies (and others), head to the beach for some R and R. Now, I would not say what we do there would necessarily qualify as quiet in restful, and yet it is. Being together as women, strengthening friendships, encouraging each other and praying together is definitely a form of rest.  

Our speaker, Sandy Salsbury, spoke on our Holy Calling. She reminded us each, that we jointly and individually have a special calling, and encouraged us to seek it and meet it head-on. In addition to these special sessions, we eat together and play together. (This author ate an entire box of crème puffs, dipped in chocolate—single-handedly). Group games encourage hilarity, and laughter is so good for the soul.  


A Master Flower Arranger must have won at least 30 blue ribbons, as well as Best of Show in order to earn this title, and our garden club member, Donna Branson proudly carries this designation. February 20th we met in her home to be inspired, instructed, and indeed envy her skill and vast number of arrangements she had on display for us. We were shown many ‘tricks’ to use ‘found’ items to beautify our homes. Truly, she is an artist! As always, I would like to invite you to Garden Club, which meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at noon, usually at the Gales Creek Church. The Garden Club Plant Sale is happening April 17, 2019 bginning at 11:00 am……Save the Date!

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