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Column | The Diaries of Esther Lilly Hundley: April 1930

Esther Lilly Hundley

Cast of characters

Esther Lilly Hundley & Charles Hundley (written as Charley/Chas), the author of the diaries and her husband.

Bill (written as Billie) and Elsie, Esther and Charles’ firstborn and his wife. 

Ted and Thelma, Esther and Charles’ second-born and as of April 13, 1929, Ted’s wife. 

Gladys and Roy Bills (written as Mr. B. or Mr. Bills), Esther and Charles’ third-born and her boyfriend. 

The following is written by Gladie until April 4 because Esther is very sick.

Tue Apr 1 – Clear. Done housework. Put clothes to soak. Fixed some more flowers. We slept some in p.m. Dick came in afternoon about 3:30.

Wed Apr 2 – Some cloudy. Washed this a.m. and scrubbed, then finished housework. Set two hens. Red hen & Black. Went flower picking, got Lady Slippers, Lilies and Johnnies. Listened to radio after supper. 

Thur Apr 3 – Showery this a.m. Done up work. Washed my hair. Heard President of U.S. talk to S. America via radio television this a.m. Dad went after pigs. We slept some. Curled my hair. Roy came up. We went to Hillsboro, the show was “Jazz Heaven” and a good Vaudeville from Hollywood was on. Ted, Thelma, Bill and Elsie and Gloria were down after supper. Set Johnson hen on duck eggs. 

Fri Apr 4 – Rainy. Usual work. Ma got breakfast this morning, first time since last Thursday. Had first turnip greens today. Grandpa Herrick came for awhile in p.m. also Evelyn, she stayed till about 4. The fruit trees are all in blossom. Seen first humming birds and snakes this week, the first.

Esther is writing from now on

I made Gladie’s pink bloomers.

Sat Apr 5 – A nice day. We did our usual Sat. work. Gladie scrubbed floors. We cleaned up stairs. Afternoon, Charley, Gladie & Hilda went to town. Got back at 5. Real warm this afternoon. I was out side quite a bit. Dick worked the early garden then went hooter hunting. Ted & Thelma came to stay all nite. After they went to a show, “Loose Ankles”.

Sun Apr 6 – Cloudy & sunshine. Charley, Dick & I ate breakfast, then Gladie. Then, Ted & Thelma got up soon after 7. I made first fresh rhubarb pies. We made some fruit salad. Right after dinner while we were washing dishes, Emma, Mildred, Mack, Grandma Hines, Jackie, Freddie & Jimmie, Troy & Vera & Leon came for awhile. Troy had his tonsils taken out last week in Portland. They all left. Ted & Thelma went down town to see Mrs. Kendall. Billie & Elsie went to Portland to see Mrs. Paris. Gladie went to a show at F.G. We stayed home. 

Mon Apr 7 – Cloudy & sunshine. It rained in the nite. I hemmed 7 dish towels and embroidered on some of them. Gladie went up in the woods. Dick and I set out the little trees he brought up. Charley went over to Mr. Skinner’s. 

Tue Apr 8 – It rained in the nite. And this morning the sun came out. I made me some green bloomers. Gladie & Evelyn went to pick lady slippers up in Gevert’s woods. Grandpa H. came over right after noon. Dick went back down to Grandma’s about 2 o’clock. I put lace on my new bloomers and embroidered some butterflys on them. Gladie went up and got a wild current bush & put out in yard. Set Bantie on duck eggs. 

Wed Apr 9 – A nice day. We got up early. I put out a big wash. We scrubbed. Afternoon, Gladie went on Hallie up by Gervert’s and got lady slippers. Charley went to town got 40 little roosters at Bob Halls, 10 cts a piece. I made kitchen curtains and did a lot other things Put out the multiplying onions, Mrs. Willis gave us. Gladie & I made trellis for hop line by kitchen window. Billie & Elsie, Gloria & Mrs. Paris came down after supper, stayed till about 9. 

Thur Apr 10 – A lovely day. We did up our morning work. I churned. Gladie & I started down to Grandma’s at 9 o’clock, got down there nearly 10. We stayed till about 2:30. I put out pansy plants for Grandma. We brought her home with us. Ted & Thelma were here when we got home. They stayed all nite. Charley put out raspberries on hill by oak tree. Gladie went to a show. Billie & Elsie took Mrs. Paris to Portland. 

Fri Apr 11 – A nice day. We did our ironing. Ted & Thelma went up to Pike about 8:30. Gladie & Hilda went flower picking, afternoon up the summit. Grandpa H. came over awhile. Set a hen on goose eggs in rabbit house, Mrs. Merrit. 

Sat Apr 12 – A nice day. Rained some late in evening. We did our usual Sat. work. I made some rhubarb pies. Billie & Elsie came back from Portland about 1:15. Went on up home. We all went to town. Got home at 5:25. 

Sun Apr 13 – Cloudy & sunshine. Fixed up a dinner for Chas birthday 61 years. Billie, Elsie & Gloria and Grandma H., Charley, Gladie & I were here for dinner. Afternoon, we took Grandma home, Billie & the rest of us. We stayed down for lunch. Oscar & Dick had gone to the opening ball game, Hillsboro and Yamhill. Gladie went on to Portland. We started home about 7. Did not go to a show. There was quite a thunder storm about 5 o’clock & it rained hard. We got home at 8:30. Set a red hen on goose eggs in rabbit house. 

Mon Apr 14 – Cloudy & sunshine & rained some. We did nothing to speak of all day. Charley went to get his new plow at F.G. Billie & Elsie came about 2. Got a lot of pansy plants & some other flowers. Ted & Thelma came back from Pike about 3. They all went on up to Camp. 

Tue Apr 15 – Cloudy & sunshine. The first day of fishing season. Gladie & I went to G.C. to get her fishing license about 8:15. She started fishing at 9 over in Mill Creek. She got back at noon had 16 nice ones. I did up work, then worked some in the garden. Right after dinner, Billie & Elsie came, he went down Gales Creek fishing in morning got 30, then they & Gladie went back in afternoon, left Gloria with me. Billie only got 4 and Gladie none. After supper I worked all the peas. 

Wed Apr 16 – Cloudy & sunshine, warm in p.m. I put out a big wash, 4 blankets. Gladie went fishing got back nearly 1. She got 9. I worked in flower garden afternoon. Gladie worked her strawberries. 

Thur Apr 17 – Clear & a frost. We ironed and did our usual work. I picked some turnip greens, the last. Charley plowed up the hill, where they were. Hilda came over in the afternoon. Stayed till 4. Billie & Elsie and Gloria came down after supper, stayed till 9. Gladie went to a show. 

Fri Apr 18 – Cloudy and showery. We just did our general work. I churned. Grandpa Herrick came over for awhile. I did up a lot of mending. We slept some afternoon. The school had a picnic. Miss Lawson, teacher. 

Sat Apr 19 – Cloudy & sunshine. We did our usual Sat. work. Got it all done real early. Afternoon, Charley, Gladie & I went to F.G. did some shopping, got home at 4:30. After lunch, Gladie went up in pasture and got some violets to set out. I spaided in flower garden. 

Sun Apr 20 – Cloudy & some sunshine. Charley, Gladie & I went up to spend the day with Billie & Elsie. Ted & Thelma were there also. It was Easter Sunday. Elsie had a good dinner. After dinner we all went out to see both mills. Went all throu them. We got home at 4:10. After lunch about 7, I went with Gladie to a show at Hillsboro, “Happy Days”. Got home at 9:45. Sherman’s Sawmill burned up in the nite. Troy & Vera and Jim & Jeanette came for awhile about 5 o’clock. 

Mon Apr 21 – Cloudy & sunshine. Gladie went fishing over on Iler Creek but got none. Got home at noon. It rained a real down pour about noon. We all slept some in p.m. Dick came about 3:45. 

Tue Apr 22 – Cloudy & sunshine. Dick, Gladie & I all went up above Westimber to Lousingnot Creek to fish. Got there at 8:30, left the car & hiked back about 3 miles to creek. Fished till noon. Ate our lunch. Gladie got 2 fish. Then we started to hike back on an old R.R. track, we got back to the car at 2. Started home, stopped at Westimber. R.N. got some ice cream. We got home at 3 all tired out. Charley & Dick pumped the old well dry. Ted & Thelma came down after supper stayed till nearly 9. 

Wed Apr 23 – Rainy this a.m. I put out a wash. Dick went up the Nehalem fishing real early. Gladie washed her hair. Charley split up a big pile of stove wood. I made some rhubarb pies. 

Thur Apr 24 – Showery. Billie & Elsie, Gloria and Rife came down real early about 7. Billie, Dick & Rife went fishing down G.C. stayed all day. Ted 7 Thelma came afternoon. Ted made 2 porch boxes and brought down. They all stayed for supper. Billie & Elsie stayed all nite. Gladie went to a show as usual. 

Fri Apr 25 – A beautiful morning. Billie went fishing in Iler Creek. Charley, Dick & I took a notion to go to Tillamook. We started soon afternoon. Billie & Elsie stayed with Gladie. We stopped in F.G. awhile, got over there right after 4 o’clock. They were surprised. Leon, Dick & Charley went over to town after the milking was done. Did not get back till 9:30. We went to bed at 10. 

Sat Apr 26 – Rainy. I helped Emma do her work. I ironed she made pies. Dick & the boys went fishing. Afternoon, he went with Mr. Jossie out on the bay to fish but got none. It was to stormy. We all went over to Tillamook, afternoon but Chas, he was sick. I did the supper dishes while they milked. 

Sun Apr 27 – Still rainy. We hurried up our work and went over to see Aunt Bell & Uncle Jim and Tommie & Minnie and to see Ed. Delpha was at church. We came by to see Mary & Bob. Got back to Emma’s, got dinner over and we started home right after 2 o’clock. Got home at 6. Elsie was doing dishes Billie milking. Gladie gone to a show. We ate a lunch. The kids went home about 8. 

Mon Apr 28 – Cloudy & sunshine. Eclipse on sun from 9:45 till after 12. Gladie went fishing in Mill Creek got 16. Dick & I started the duck & goose park down in bottom. 

Tue Apr 29 – Cloudy & sunshine. We did our usual work. I put out Jennie and Cosmo plants. Oliver came, was here for supper. Ted & Thelma came down after supper. 

Wed Apr 30 – A beautiful day. I put out a wash. We finished the goose park. Gladie made some bird houses. I put out some flower seed. Set white and red hens on duck eggs. Billie & Elsie came down after supper, also Oliver came. 

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