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Burning banned in Washington County

Outdoor burning is banned in Washington County. 

The ban is immediate and countywide.

“In consultation with the Oregon Department of Forestry and other members of the Washington County Fire Defense Board, all Washington County fire agencies are re-enacting a High Fire Danger Burn Ban,” Forest Grove Fire & Rescue said in a statement. 

The ban was enacted over increased wildfire risk after several burn piles escaped their bounds and sparked November wildfires, according to the statement. Burning will remain banned until weather conditions change.

What’s banned

Backyard or open burning of yard debris and branches 

Agricultural burning of agricultural waste, crops, or field burning

Slash, stump, debris or controlled land clearing-type burning of any kind

What’s allowed

Small outdoor cooking, warming, and recreational fires, barbecue grills, smokers, and other cooking appliances. 

Fires have a maximum fuel area of three feet in diameter and two feet in height, must be located safely away from vegetation or material it could ignite, and be fully put out after use. 

Cooking appliances must burn clean, dry fuels such as dry firewood, briquettes, wood chips, pellets, propane, and natural gas.

Those within lands protected by the Oregon Department of Forestry and within one eighth of a mile of their borders may have further restrictions on burning, and should consult the state agency’s fire restrictions website

State law allows the cost of firefighting and additional legal fees to be recouped from a person who starts a fire in violation of these orders.

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