A booking photo of Darby Martin, courtesy WCSO

A Cornelius man was arrested on Wednesday on charges of rape in the first degree, sex abuse in the first degree, delivery of a controlled substance, and encouraging child sex abuse.

Detectives with the Violent Crimes Unit of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office are seeking additional victims of the alleged crime. 

According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Darby Martin, 27, of Cornelius and an employee of the Manning Dairy Queen, was arrested after an ongoing two-month investigation where two juvenile victims were found. Detectives know of another juvenile victim. 

“Detectives believe Martin met all his victims at the Dairy Queen near Manning, Oregon, where he worked,” a press release from the sheriff’s office read. A social media post by the sheriff's office said that detectives suspected there were more victims.

A person who answered the Dairy Queen’s phone number declined to comment to confirm the status of Martin’s employment.  

Those with information about Martin were asked by the sheriff’s office to call their office at 503-846-2700.